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Artificial grass with fall protection: Play and sport safely

SSafety Grass of Home Grass offers unique possibilities to create a bridge between safety and fun. For safety of humans and animals Safety Grass offers the solution in certified construction, which suffice to the serious requirements in the area of playing safely (To the norm NEN-EN 1177:2008).

Safety Grass is mostly used as an underground for play sets, both inside and outside. Safety Grass has a seamless underground which offers the highest protection against an unexpected fall. The fall is protected so a child can safely return to their game after falling. Safety Grass has designed artificial grass systems for critical fall heights up to 3 meters, which offer a comfortable and natural appearance. Click here for the certificates. Klik hier voor de certificaten.
Safety Grass is made out of recycled materials and works draining. Safety Grass is ideal for public spaces, schools and recreation terrains, and is suitable for any thinkable applications.

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Price per m2: € 16,95 (green)
Price per m2: € 18,95 (colored)

Playgrass has a great price/quality ratio. Sanded (25 kg / m²) product for many play purposes. This artificial grass is ideal for schoolyards, public spaces and is suitable for every thinkable solution. Next to the colour green this product is also available in the colours: white, black, red, yellow and blue.

vinkjeMaterial: Grass fiber polyethylene
vinkjeThread quality: lead and cadmium free, environmental friendly!
vinkjeGrass fiber height : 24 mm
vinkjeStitches per 10 cm : 20 stitches
vinkjeWeight : 2.088 kg per m²
vinkjeColours: green, white, black, red, yellow and blue
playgrass   playgrass rokbox 
Playgrass sanded with 25 kg per m2 and the safety plates (C18, C35, C50 en C85) can be created for the following drop heights:
- Drop height : 1,10 meters
- Drop height : 1,80 meters
- Drop height : 2,50 meters
- Drop height : 3,00 meters
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