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Complete solution: Sports, play and meetings

HomeGrass Group offers complete solutions in the field of artificial grass. That way a complete new experience in play and recreational terrains can be given for the application of artificial grass which is available in many different kinds and colours. Thanks to this the playground doesn't just have a better look, but also attracts more clients. Good examples of this are artificial midgetgolf courses instead of concrete courses and multi functional artificial grass playing fields instead of stone fields. No question is too much and a custom solution will always be offered.

But gardens can be made complete as well. The complete ground work and installation of the artificial grass can be done. In this way HomeGrass Group makes something amazing out of every garden or public space. With the newest generation artificial grass a fresh and green lawn will be a given all year long.

Tips and advice for effective marketing and ecommerce make these complete solutions perfect. HomeGrass Group goes way further than delivering artificial grass and offers added value to clients through quality, client orientated service and personal contact. HomeGrass Group has the expertise and distinguishes itself by offering unique sales support to its clients.

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