26-11-2015: HomeGrass Group, Artificial grass with a big A

Full of enthusiasm Robert van Mierlo starts talking about his work for the HomeGrass Group. With his background in commercial economy, masters in marketing at the University of Tilburg and a faithful member of Triple O it's impossible that HomeGrass Group is anything less than happy with Robert as a representative of their company!

HomeGrass Group is a pioneer in the area of artificial grass. With over 20 years of experience they know all the ins and outs of producing, delivering and installing artificial grass. They love a challenge "because for every problem there's a solution" according to Robert. HomeGrass Group always delivers on time. Robert: "That might sound obvious, but it's not always self-evident in our industry." Because HomeGrass Group wants to work together with their customers they are always reachable and go further for their clients than companies that only have a client - employee relationship. Read more...


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23-11-2015: Update construction adventure golf course!


The terrain of the adventure golf course for Landal Greenparks starts to take shape. Our unique looping was transported today to be montaged. The looping is 1.50 meters high and will give the adventure golf course a unique appearance. The pictures of the progress are on our Facebook page!



20-11-2015: Exhibit Welcome in Gorinchem

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we're exhibitors at Welcome in Groninchem.

Welcome is a completely new set up and replaces the 10 year old Horeca & Food Inspiration and the Recreation fair in Event hall Gronichem. Take a step into the world of hospitality on the 23th, 24th and 25th of November during Welcome!

Monday: November 23th 2015 from 13:00 to 21:00
Tuesday: November 24th 2015 from 13:00 to 21:00
Wednesday: November 25th 2015 from 11:00 to 18:00
We hope to welcome you to our stand! You can find us at stand number 151.
Order your tickets here and come visit our stand!



17-11-2015: Exposant Recreavak Goes

Our colleagues are hard at work to build our stand in the Zeelandhallen in Goes. Next Wednesday and Thursday it's time for the Recreavak Goes!

Wednesday: November 18th 2015 from 13:00 to 21:00
Thursday: November 19th 2015 from 13.00 to 21:00

Recreavak is the fair for design, installation, construction, arrangement and maintenance of recreation-, sport accommodations, vacation parks, water sport centers, wellness and care centers, theme parks, seasonal hospitality and municipal public spaces.

Order your tickets here and come visit our stand!


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16-11-2015: Beautiful grass plot in the municipality Oss


Last week we created a beautiful grass plot in our own city Oss.     

The Horzak is a new district on the north side of Oss. On the edge of the city and the nature reserve Ossermeer the children in this district can now exercise. The pictures of this beautiful grass plot can be seen in our portfolio with this link or on our Facebook page.



11-11-2015: New articles about the HomeGrass Group on Fieldmanager

During the last month multiple articles of HomeGrass Group were posted on Fieldmanager.

Fieldmanager is the most important Dutch magazine for sports field maintenance. In the magazine and on the website the practical professional is the center of things. Different subjects about sport fields get covered, including installing and maintaining artificial grass fields.

Click on the links below to read the articles:

HomeGrass Group builds unique multifunctional artificial grass playing field                                                                         

Speelservice.nl part HomeGrass Group

HomeGrass Group also has a monthly newsletter to keep up with our experiences, projects and products.
Via this link you go to the right page to sign up for our monthly newsletter.


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09-11-2015: Update construction adventure golf course!


In this second week our skilled colleague's are working hard to create a beautiful adventure golf course. The old ground and other materials have been taken away and the construction of the new foundation was started. You can even make out the shapes of courses already! Click here to see more pictures on our Facebook page.


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02-11-2015: Start construction adventure golf course!


Yesterday we officially kicked off the construction of an adventure golf course for Landal Greenparks! Full of pride, defiance and enthusiasm we're turning the terrain into an adventure golf course in the coming weeks which will stay with the guests as a great holiday memory!

Like our Facebook page and keep up with the progress of the adventure golf course!!


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27-10-2015: Artificial grass around air trampolines!

Children who play outside more often feel, eat and sleep better. Nothing is more fun than jumping on an air trampoline or rolling off the sides. The air trampolines are getting more popular. The biggest problem is often the choice of the surrounding ground... Artificial grass is the ideal solution!

The benefits of artificial grass around air trampolines

1. Soft ground

2. No sand and/or mud on the air trampoline

3. Suitable for all sport and play

4. Inviting look


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19-10-2015: It's time to visit some fairs!!

We want to thank everyone who visited our stand at the Day of the Public Space in Houten. We were able to have many inspiring and fun conversations!
Have you missed us or weren't you able to visit? Don't worry, you will be able to find us on the following fairs soon:

- the 3rd to 5th of November: Recreatie vakbeurs Hardenberg

- the 18th and 19th of November: Recreation fair Goes

- the 23th to 25th of November: Recreation fair Gorinchem

We hope to welcome you at one of our stands!

Team HomeGrass Group


HGG Logo

30-09-2015: Exhibit Day of the Public Space

Next week (the 7th and 8th of October) you can find HomeGrass Group and Speelservice Nederland on the Day of the Public Space in Houten! Come find our stand so we can talk about any possibilities we can offer you!! You can find us in hall 4 at stand number 4.053!
Click here for more information!



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21-09-2015: Playground sets, Street furniture and Sports!

Speelservice under HomeGrass Group now offers playground sets, street furniture and sports cages. The complete assortment is posted on our website and you can find it under Speelservice. Speelservice offers the most fun and challenging playground sets for all ages in partnership with VrienDD. Children will love the refreshing new play options!

The street furniture was especially developed to blend into the public space and to stimulate relaxation and social interaction. These services look fantastic everywhere: next to walking routes, on public squares, in shopping malls and at the entrance of buildings. The sport equipment offered by Speelservice are especially designed for children, teens and adults who want to practice sports like basketball, soccer and table tennis. In case you can't find a certain product in our assortment let us know by contacting our customer service.

Click here to go to our assortment!



02-09-2015: It's time for bootcamp!!!

Bootcamp is the latest trend in your gym! Bootcamp is an outdoor workout which is becoming more and more popular in The Netherlands. Many municipalities place these appliances in public areas to stimulate exercise. Artificial grass is the ideal surface for under these appliances. In Nijmegen we chose for orange artificial grass to give it a fresh and inviting look. For more information about the appliances and the artificial grass for under bootcamp equipment you can contact us!

Take a look in our portfolio for pictures.


teak klein

31-07-2015: Teak artificial grass

Artificial grass can be found in all kinds of varieties and colours. There is Teak artificial grass for example, which has a beautiful wooden look. Ideal for yachts or indoor applications.

A customer or the HomeGrass Group has used Teak artificial grass for the upper deck of a cruise ship. With the same colours artificial grass he created a chess board in the middle of the upper deck. The results are astounding! The future passengers will have a lot of fun and enjoy this luxurious cruise ship!

For more information and impressions you can check our Facebook page.


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14-07-2015: Midgetgolf course with artificial grass

A game of midgetgolf at the camping or vacation park, everyone has tried it once during the holidays. A very fun, but simple game that accounts for hours of fun. Or which can lead to a competition between family members or friends. One of our dealers has installed a beautiful midgetgolf course at Beach park the Zeeuwse kust in Renesse.

The TrendyGrass Wellness is an artificial grass in our TrendyGrass collection which is ideal for midgetgolf courses. It's a low pile artificial grass with a luxurious look which can be ordered in multiple fun colours. Click here for the colour chart.

Ask about our possibilities and expertise in the area of installing midgetgolf courses. Take a look in our portfolio for more pictures of midgetgolf courses and golf.



23-06-2015: Visitation reference project in Zeeland

Last week we visited a great reference project in the cozy and sunny Renesse. We enjoyed the hospitality of the entrepreneurs! In the sports cage non-infill artificial grass was used, which made the fun even bigger and meant that maintenance is minimal. Around the air trampoline artificial grass (with fall protection) has been installed so jumping is safer and no bare sand patches develop around the trampoline. For more information and pictures of this project you can click this link.


09-06-2015: Opening multifunctional artificial grass playing field!

The dealers from the HomeGrass Group in Curaçao also contribute to the sport and play fun of children. Recently one of our dealers in Curaçao installed a multifunctional artificial grass playing field for a beautiful project. This multifunctional playing field was opened in celebration by none other than Patrick Kluivert! Click here for pictures of the celebratory opening. For more information about our multifunctional artificial grass playing fields you can contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


13-05-2015: ECO-line Artificial Grass: The greenest solution

Artificial grass of your neighbour will never be greener! ECO-line offers the best ecological solution in artificial grass on the market. The artificial grass from the ECO-line is produced out of more than 80% recycled materials.

By working together with the best thread producers we found a new way to produce high quality artificial grass out of mostly recycled materials. 100% recycled materials isn't possible, because a small percentage new materials and raw materials have to be used to guarantee the UV resistance.

The artificial grass of the ECO-line isn't just durable, but also has a very strong artificial grass fiber with a C-shape. This means the artificial grass stays upwards during intensive usage. The artificial grass feels soft and is child and pet safe. The artificial grass in the ECO-line is the greenest solution and because of the multiple colours green the artificial grass has a very natural appearance.

Even though the artificial grass is produced out of 80% recycled materials we give a guarantee of 10 years with this artificial grass.

ECO-line offers the best solution for a maintenance friendly and durable garden!



08-04-2015: New products and references!

The beautiful weather is in The Netherlands and the season for laying artificial grass is in full swing! We thought this was the perfect moment to work on our website so we could go into spring fresh and ready. Take a look under our artificial grass products and be surprised by our new collection and products. Our photographer likes to go out to take pictures of all finished projects and gardens. We proudly added these references in our portfolio!



05-01-2015: Visit our stand during The Green Sector Hardenberg

It's probably already on your calendar: from the 13th to the 15th of January 2015 event hall Hardenberg will be filled with everything of the green sector. A fair full of handy tips, fresh ideas and new inspiration for the coming year. A meeting platform for companies which work in the green sector.

“Discover the possibilities for the professional in the green sector”

Where can you find us?
  We are on this fair with a stand as well and would love to meet you! You can find us at stand 151, hall 1. Don't forget to register up front!
See you in Hardenberg!



06-11-2014: HomeGrass Group award winner at the Recreation Fair Hardenberg!

Three days full of inspiring conversations, new contacts, new ideas and a great atmosphere. The HomeGrass Group team has experienced the Recreation Fair Hardenberg as very interesting and a definite success. For an impression of our stand and the fair you can take a look on our Facebook page with this link.

The peak moment and big surprise of the fair was winning the award for the best stand. We see this award as a reward and acknowledgement of the hard work of our team and we're very proud of it!



03-11-2014: Visit us on fairs!

We can be found at the Recreation Fair in Gorinchem from the 17th to the 19th of November.
We would like to welcome you to our stand with number 336.
During this three day fair we would like to introduce you to our artificial grass, sport and play, complete solutions, TrendyGrass and find any thinkable use of artificial grass for you. Our team is ready to answer all your questions!
In case you aren't able to visit out stand at the Recreation Fair in Gorinchem you can also find us on the green sector fair Hardenberg, from the 13th to the 15th of January 2015!!

We hope to welcome you to one of our stands!
Team HomeGrass Group


Kennemer-Lyceum-1 09-10-2014: HomeGrass Group builds unique multi-functional artificial grass playing field

Together with VelopA-Omniplay HomeGrass Group built an unique playing field of 3.000 square meters. What's unique about this playing field is that it's completely made with artificial grass and offers the possibility for multiple sports to be practiced at the same time, both in the summer as well as the winter. The field is surrounded by an athletics track and within the ring soccer, hockey, basketbal, volleyball, tennis and other sports can be practiced. The playing field is easy to maintain, has a sleek appearance and is equipped for optimal sports usage!


kunstgras spelen2 1-131-1024-680-100 16-09-2014: New pictures of reference projects!

The HomeGrass Group can offer every solution in the area of artificial grass. We invite you to take a look in our portfolio to see an example of this. We proudly put together our portfolio with pictures of reference projects. The newest generation artificial grass is indistinguishable of the natural grass mat and can be used for every area. We hope you get a good overview of all the possibilities we can offer you in our portfolio. We would love to help you. You can contact us with no strings attached.


IMG 5015 12-06-2014: HomeGrass Group works together on Warsteiner Night Golf Event

Commissioned by and in partnership with Contain.R (www.containr.org) the HomeGrass Group has delivered and installed putting greens for the Night Golf Event of Warsteiner. Warsteiner organised this special event in anticipation of the KLM Open that is organised this year from 11 to 14 September. Many famous Dutch people attended the event. It was a success and the organisation was very satisfied with the offered solutions and support of HomeGrass Group. Go to http://warsteiner.nl/alles/nightgolfchallenge/ for more information.


logo1 New website HomeGrass Group.nl online!

We proudly present the new website of HomeGrass Group! With a fresh and clear look we want to show the endless possibilities HomeGrass Group can offer with artificial grass. HomeGrass Group always offers a fitting and client orientated solution. HomeGrass Group has it all and can give you honest advice, maintenance, a repair service and installation for every thinkable artificial grass solution. For more information or the right advice you can contact us, no strings attached. We would love to help you!